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Bus Operator Assault Avoidance Program


Alarming Truth:

A survey in New York added Bus Operators to the top 5 most dangerous jobs in the USright up there with police, fireman, paramedics and hospital staff.

It happens every day, in every municipality, across North America. Bus drivers are being assaulted. Not only is this unacceptable for transit companies who are attempting to deal with the situation, but there is an enormous emotional and psychological toll on the wellbeing of drivers. Furthermore, news of such assaults suggests to the ridership that public transit is not safe.

Reactive solutions such as surveillance cameras, panic buttons and Plexiglas shields do not completely address the issue. While these solutions are able to record criminal incidents, they do not deal with the very real emotional and psychological impact on your operators whenever they start their shift knowing that they are potentially at risk whenever a new customer boards their bus.

Tommy Transit Productions (TTP) provides training skills and hands-on tools which operators can easily incorporate into their day to perform their job safely. Below is an outline of some of the issues that are addressed in the workshop training session allowing time.

Drivers are in touch with 1000’s of passengers weekly and therefore are far more vulnerable than an employee in an office. Drivers also deal with every cross section of society. It is an enormous challenge.

Disturbing Reality:
A survey in New York added Bus Operators to the top 5 most dangerous jobs in the US–right up there with police, fireman, paramedics and hospital staff. Yikes…no wonder we’ve got a problem!

Ugly Truth: 
According to a supervisor with 33 years seniority with Coast Mountain Bus Company, 80% of all conflict situations he attended were exacerbated by actions taken by the driver. In other words, 80% of operator assaults are preventable! TTP focuses on Assault Avoidance Skills where drivers learn to manage and prevent this 80%. The remaining 20% (or random situations) can be mitigated by learning language de-fusion skills (Non Violent Communication or NVC).

Assault Avoidance Program:

Power of the Operator
TTP training teaches operators that they are the initiators in creating a safer space on their bus. Interaction with customers creates rapport and support…both good customer service and aggression avoidance. Putting the driver where he belongs: in the driver’s seat or in control of the bus, i.e. they are the captains of their ship.

Mindset Training:
TTP Training addresses mindset and how a healthy perspective makes their job easier, safer and more enjoyable. Specifics on how to prep for your day, the role of brain chemistry in shifting perspective, interaction skills, the negative effect of gossip and complaining, the Art of Acknowledgement, grounding exercises to rebalance after a challenging run, etc.

Tools for the Road:

  • Non-Violent Communication (language skills for diffusing tension)
  • Conscious Intention (daily prep at beginning of shift)
  • Re-balancing Exercises (for challenging moments)
  • The Art of Acknowledgement (the 7 steps to personalizing connection)
  • Building Rapport with passengers (natural byproduct: better customer service)

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