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Anything is Possible

UK customsI suspect that one of the strongest preconceived notions most people have when travelling is that crossing borders is going to be tense, unpleasant and basically not a lot of fun. I actively work at not having negative expectations, because experience has shown me that if I expect something and it does not happen, disappointment ensues. So instead, I intend that everything will be good, that I do my best and so will others. The result is that my vibration is higher…and lo and behold magic breaks through.

As we approached British customs after a 24 hour delayed flight, it was challenging to not feel some kind of anxiety not to mention exhaustion. Our handsome, British black border guard, George, asked if we had ever been to UK before. Michele confessed that she had lived here 30 years ago and I admitted that the only time I had been to London was 2 1/2 years ago on our way to India. We were able to catch the New Year’s Day parade at Trafalgar Square and then walked to Buckingham Palace in the pissing rain to meet the queen.  She did not come out and wave so in disappointment I left. Expectations not met.

He chuckled and said, “Well never give up because anything is possible.”  “You say that with real conviction,” I remarked. To which he broadly beamed and proudly shared the story of his 5-year-old son writing a birthday card to the Queen and actually receiving a reply with the Queen’s signature that is now framed in his living room. “See,” he concluded, “Anything is possible.”

As we chatted and laughed, a security supervisor wandered inquisitively close behind him, straining to hear the conversation obviously curious as to why we were there for so long. As she looked at me, I shifted to a strong, stern and serious expression on my face. Seeing this, she appeared satisfied that we were being sufficiently “grilled” and moved on. Then I turned my attention back to George as he bubbled with pride about the strength of his son’s desire to write a card to the queen. I thanked him for his humaneness and kindness, shook his hand and we headed off to discover London. What a lovely introduction to England.

~ Tommy