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Got that Sinking Feeling

Got that Sinking Feeling

Every summer my job is to pick up people who sail into Montague harbour on Galiano Island and ferry them on a big yellow school bus five miles inland to the Hummingbird Pub where they can enjoy a meal and a few pints. I’ve become a bit of a legend on the Pacific northwest for the old time tunes and fun ride.

One evening I got a phone call and a very excited voice on the other end of the line said, “Someone at the pub has a boat that is sinking at the dock.” I narrowed my search to the most boisterous table where gales of laughter and good times were flowing. “Who here has a boat moored at the dock in Montague?” “I do,” piped up a handsome man in his early sixties. “What’s the name of your boat?” “Foreplay,” he replied. “I believe it’s sinking,” I said handing him the phone.

He fired a series of questions to the person on the other end of the line, “Is the transom eight inches above the water? Is there about two inches in the rear of the boat?” He smiled calmly and said, “Oh, it’s just the air conditioner. It does that from time to time.”

Later that evening while unloading the bus at the harbour, Ralph who had made the call came up and spoke to me. “Did you hear the rest of the story about the sinking boat?” “No,” I replied always ready for a good tale. “Well,” he said hardly able to contain himself, “By the time I got back to the dock, a dozen people had gathered with buckets ready to jump into action if needed. “Don’t worry,” I bellowed, “Foreplay is okay.” A moment of shocked silence was followed by guffaws of laughter from all over the marina.