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Hurrah! It’s Summer.

Come and enjoy the 40th Anniversary of Galiano’s Famous Hummingbird Pub!

Tommy Transit and Hummingbird Pub owner, Debbie Spees, want to thank you for coming to GALIANO Island. We are continuing to work hard to keep you safe and happy. Take photos, enjoy the wonderful food and leave with lots of happy memories.

The following schedule is in effect:

May & June: Friday and Saturday ONLY until July 1st.

July 1st until end of September, the bus rolls every day.

Bus Schedule

Pickups at the Marina are up the road at the crossroads.

For the campground, just outside the gate at the turnaround. 

Pub DepartureMarina Pick UpCampground Pick Up
3:50 pm (Beginning Aug. 2nd)4:00 pm (Beginning Aug. 2nd)4:05 pm (Beginning Aug. 2nd)
4:50 pm5:00 pm5:05 pm
5:50 pm6:00 pm6:05 pm
6:50 pm7:00 pm7:05 pm
7:50 pm8:00 pm (Last Trip to Pub)8:05 pm (Last Trip to Pub)
8:50 pm (Last Departing Bus)  

Thank you for coming to our beautiful island.

Enjoy the pub and Tommy’s Musical Ride.