an ordinary man becomes extraordinary

There are times when an ordinary man becomes extraordinary.

Tommy Transit is one such man. And while his job as a city bus driver may have been ordinary, he turned it into extraordinary. Tom Tompkins, aka Tommy Transit, now says that he is a bus driver on a mission.

What’s his mission?

As a city bus driver, Tom noticed how disconnected and isolated people seemed to be and thought there might be something he could do. That’s when he remembered one his mentors saying, “All anyone wants is to be acknowledged for who they are and the contribution they make”.  A light bulb went off.  He realized that as a driver he was in a unique position to affect the more than 150,000 people he picks up on his busy city bus route every year.  That’s a lot of people!

What makes Tom unusual is that he took his “ordinary joe job” as a bus driver and turned it into an incredible opportunity for positive exchange and has along the way  literally changed lives.

Tom’s friendly, encouraging interactions have become the stuff of legend as he acquired the moniker around town and in the media as ‘Tommy Transit’, bus driver on a mission.

An Inspirational Author

Bus Tales book cover

After 21 years of driving a bus, Tom put his experiences and many insights into a highly successfully first book.

A Motivational Speaker

Public speaker Tommy Transit

This fall and winter he will be giving numerous talks across North America speaking to companies who interact with the public and inspiring workers who feel their job is ordinary, to become extraordinary…or as he likes to say to become Ambassadors for Change.

Media – links to numerous TV and Radio interviews as well as magazine articles.

Public Speaking – discover more about Tommy T Talks

As well as the Ever Popular Pub Bus Driver

Tommy Transit with young couple in front of pub bus

So many people come to know meet and know Tom from his popular summer gig driving the Hummingbird Pub Bus on Galiano Island, BC.

Check out the photo gallery to see the most recent pics from last summer.