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As a public speaker, Tom brings a refreshing perspective straight from the driver’s seat to companies with employees who work with the public. His fun, personal style and easy-to-use tips and tools inspire front-line workers to bring passion to their jobs.

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For Transit Companies:

Beyond The Plexiglass Shield: A Radical New Perspective on Bus Driver Safety

Meet and greet at Abbotsford Transit TalkAddressing the disturbing increase in bus driver assaults across North America, the Tommy Transit Production Assault Avoidance Program provides simple and effective tools that any driver can  implement easily to defuse tense situations and align others to be supportive allies.

This interactive workshop is a god-send for those who work with the public and who face the challenges of getting through their shift with their personal safety intact and a smile still on their face.

Bus Drivers on a Mission: Bringing Greater Purpose To Your Job

Tommy Transit Abbotsford TalkNot your usual speaker, Tommy Transit inspires operators to be ambassadors for change. Following the shock of 9-11, Tom felt impelled to do something positive and bring some kindness into what looked like an increasingly terrifying world. He realized that his simple ‘Joe job’ of driving a bus offered him the ideal opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life. Tom knows that inspired workers who bring passion to their job can transform both the workplace environment and the bottom line.

Happy Drivers:  On the Route to Better Customer Service

More participants at a Tommy Talk Tom brings energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and skill to his talks. His promise? That those who work with the public will feel more alive and reunited with an inner passion to make a difference in the world…through what they do every day. A key tool is  Tommy’s Art of Acknowledge-Mint – how the use of a bit of verbal candy can leave a sweet taste with customers and create on-going positive interactions.

Interactive ‘Sharinars’ for Bus Drivers

Tom with two book purchasers at book launchUsing a recipe of humour, wit and wisdom, Tom highlights some of the challenging situations that commonly arise during a shift. Through role-playing exercises and a series of interactive dialogues drivers discover new communication skills and easy to implement tools which can transform frustration and exhaustion – often a result of working with the public – into greater satisfaction, more energy and fulfilment both on the job and in daily life. Tom’s desire is to inspire others to become Bus Drivers on a Mission and Ambassadors for Change in their own cities and with everyone they meet.

For Companies Who Deal with the Public:

How to Transform Your Job Into One You Love!

Happy participants at seminar with Tommy Transit

According to a recent Gallup poll – 70% of people hate their jobs. And no matter how many perks you offer, nobody is inspired to get up Monday morning because their job offers free soda in the vending machine.

People want to be inspired.  They want to work toward a higher purpose and feel good about themselves.  That requires a whole new mind-set, not simply more perks.

Tom Tompkins, known far and wide as Tommy Transit, made a decision about 10 years into driving a city bus in the busy corridors of Vancouver Canada to turn his “working Joe” job into a lot more than simply shuttling people around town. He decided that he could make a difference in the lives of his passengers…and then—almost by accident—discovered that it completely transformed his own life.

Tom’s talk inspires workers to bring passion to their jobs which in turn allows them to find joy, happiness and fulfillment both on and off the job.

General Audience:

The Art of Acknowledgment: Transforming Everyday Life!


What if we got it all wrong? What if our focus on ourselves, makes us…feel worse? In this provocative keynote, Tommy Transit examines how the human need for purpose can intersect with what we do for a living and ultimately give us what we want: joy, both on the job and in our daily lives.

Tom takes the audience on an entertaining and insightful journey into what makes us tick, and how bringing our passion to what we do every day can transform our lives.

Disconnection: Is there a cure? 

Happy Tommy Transit sharing at a talkWhat technology is doing to our brains is shocking! All around us is a new kind of isolation and it’s rampant. Everywhere people are plugged in: texting, surfing, connecting to people not actually in front of them.

And yet, study after study finds social isolation doesn’t just make us sad—it’s making us sick. Isolation, disconnection and loneliness impair immune function, and according to the University of Chicago, in terms of the effect on mortality, is comparable to that of smoking, and twice as dangerous as obesity.

In this Tommy Transit talk, brings light to the darkness by focusing on a delightful and easy new way of connecting and interacting with people in our lives, whether they are strangers, friends or loved ones. You will be inspired by his seven steps to The Art of Acknowledgement and find how easy it is to use this life raft of sanity to be happy and connected in our modern world.

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